The Intrinsic Value of Nature

Ohenton Kariwatehkwen. Whakapapa. Ubuntu. Buen Vivir. Djalkiri. Ngurra. Satoyama. Sila.

Beliefs are not limited by space or time. The intrinsic value of nature is a universal principle across diverse cultures, emphasizing the deep interconnections among all living beings, the land, and the spiritual world. Intrinsic value expresses harmony, respect, and mutual care that nurtures both community and the greater ecology of which we are a part.


Despite the analytical and categorical minutia of BASIN's work, we recognize the intrinsic value of nature as priceless and unquantifiable both to humans and non-humans.

However, treating many of the benefits Nature provides as "price-less" is the cause of the interconnected climate-biodiversity-social crisis.

It is our view, that in order to protect the intrinsic value of nature from further degradation we must utilize instrumental values as a relational value. As we, as a society, do this, nature's fractal patterns will become clearer, showing us the true value of nature, making ecosystem and environmental accounting a temporary, yet necessary, step.

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