Dependencies on Ecosystem Services in the Tobacco Industry

Companies within the Tobacco Industry are intricately linked to the natural environment and have deep dependencies on ecosystem services.

Sector Classification



Food & Beverage



Consumer Staples

Food, Beverage & Tobacco

NACE Rev. 2


Manufacture of tobacco products


The ENCORE (Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks, and Exposure) tool provides a detailed view of the direct ecological dependencies and the risk levels.

DependenciesMateriality Risk Rating

Fibers & Materials

Very High

Ground Water

Very High

Surface Water

Very High

Water Flow Maintenance


Erosion Control


Swiss Re Biodiversity Ecosystem Services Index

The Swiss Re BES Index further highlights critical ecological dependencies across the industry's value chain.

Manufacturing Sector Ecological Dependencies

Overall Risk Rating: HIGH

Ecosystem ServiceDependency Rating (0-1)

Habitat intactness



Air quality / local climate


Water security


Water quality


Soil fertility


Erosion control


Timber provision


Reduce Risk & Increase Resilience

One-click investment into nature-related risks and dependencies for sectors and industries can be done via BASIN FLOWS.

Applied to Core Benefits & Ecosystems

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Source Notes

This analysis draws on public methodologies and data from ENCORE and Swiss Re, focusing on the direct potential dependencies and impacts on ecosystem services and natural capital assets. It underscores the industry's reliance on natural ecosystems, highlighting the importance of preserving these resources for resilience and adaptation.

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