Ecosystem Services Classification

The BASIN Core Benefits Framework and the RealValue of Natural Capital were built based on the process and supporting materials found in this Appendix.

Ecosystem Services Classification & Valuation

We evaluated over 50 ecosystem services classifications, ecosystem services valuations, natural capital and other impact/ESG benefits frameworks, narrowing our focus to nine key systems for cross-reference. Our comparative analysis of these systems revealed a consistent set of 19 top-level ecosystem services that were commonly referenced and utilized across all studies.

Ecosystem Services Frameworks

The nine systems selected for cross-reference were chosen based on their prominence and frequent citation across various datasets. These systems are particularly relevant for ecosystem service valuation (ESV), corporate financial and ESG disclosures, applicability to real assets valuation as well as BASIN's conservation and restoration investment model. Several of them are grounded in seminal works like the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and TEEB, further attesting to their applicability and importance.

Cross Reference Table

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