The BASIN Protocol

BASIN protects, restores and stewards nature and ecosystems in perpetuity.


The BASIN Protocol ensures the ecology of PLACE, on PURPOSE, by PEOPLE.


The BASIN Protocol is actively run by its members.


All members have a .basin account which serves as the confluence to stocks and flows of natural capital, the people, and underlying real assets that make up the protocol. BASIN Accounts can be managed individually or collectively and can hold almost any type of value.

What does this mean technically? See the Contracts section for details.


.BASIN's are perpetual trust accounts that represent and operate as the stocks of PLACE, PURPOSE, and PEOPLE.

STREAMS represent and operate as the flows between PLACE, PURPOSE, and PEOPLE.

As a platform cooperative, .basin's are 1:1 membership of the protocol, while STREAMS function as patronage certificates, reflecting the collaborative and dynamic nature of how BASIN STREAMS work together via FLOWS.

A way to think of the BASIN Protocol is that BASIN's gather, hold, and filter the value of our world's most precious treasures while STREAMS are the FLOWS of value. Collectively BASIN members steward Nature's value for sustainable well-being of all species and ecosystems.


.basin's represent either place, purpose, or people. Each are described in the the next section.

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