Nature's Balance Sheet

The discourse on adding 'nature to the balance sheet' and incorporating 'biodiversity on the balance sheet' has gained significant momentum. This concept, a foundational premise of BASIN from day one, continues to guide us. Yet, we recognize that this approach is human-centric — framed by "What can nature do for me?" rather than exploring how we can coexist with nature and other species.

Rights of Nature & Interspecies

The emergence of the Rights of Nature and Interspecies movements heralds new paradigms of agency, autonomy, and 'ownership' that move beyond anthropocentric models. The BASIN Protocol is our acknowledgment of and participation in these transformative shifts, aiming to redefine our relationship with the planet.

RealValue & Ecological Ensurance

Utilizing RealValue to properly value nature in economic and financial terms reveals that the relational value gap is actually a transformative tool, not a problem. Utilizing Ecological Ensurance, only a fraction of nature's value needs to be converted into financial assets to ensure the perpetual stewardship of ecosystems. Crucially, the bulk of this value, particularly its economic worth in monetary terms, can and should be allocated directly to nature itself.

Nature's Assets

This approach to value allocation enables nature to 'own' and utilize assets for its own protection and stewardship, inherently benefiting all living beings, including humans.

BASIN is dedicated to constructing Nature's Balance Sheet, with the BASIN Protocol enabling this vision to become a technical reality.

In no way does the BASIN Protocol supplant initiatives aimed at creating a ‘ledger for planet Earth’. While Regen Network and Hedera concentrate on ecological assets including carbon and biodiversity credits, BASIN prioritizes the concept of Earth 'owning itself' with the goal of Half Earth. Ecological assets can and should be issued on top of and part of the real assets that are the foundation of the BASIN Protocol.

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