.basin accounts are perpetual purpose trusts that ensure the protection, restoration, and stewardship of PLACE, on PURPOSE, by PEOPLE.

.basin’s represent the stocks of natural capital and work in conjunction with STREAMS which represent the flows of natural capital.

As a platform cooperative, .basin's are 1:1 membership of the protocol, while STREAMS function as patronage certificates, reflecting the collaborative and dynamic nature of how BASIN STREAMS work together.

We commonly refer to .basin's as a "dot basin", a BASIN, or $BASIN

.basin Contract

.basin is the primary BASIN Protocol contract.

As an ERC-721 (6551 enabled) contract deployed on BASE, every .basin name is unique, has its own token ID, and it's own 0x account.

contract nameSymboladdress




The original .basin contract on Polygon has been depracated and should not be used.

.basin 0x's (Tokenbound Accounts)

The .basin contract is ERC-6551 Tokenbound Account (TBA) enabled with every .basin having its own cross chain EVM 0x address. .basin's can hold and manage any amount and assortment of ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens, i.e. ETH, USDC, MATIC, NFT's etc

Finding .basin 0x addresses

Specific .basin 0x's can be found several ways.

The easiest is to keyword search the .basin collection page on OpenSea or Rarible for the .basin you are looking for. Then once on the token page, click the "@" icon on the token image and you will see its 0x address as well as options to view collectibles and assets inside the .basin. (This feature coming soon to confluence.basin.global.)

The other way is to go to Tokenbound.org with the .basin contract address in the url and the token ID at the end. For example this is elk.basin token ID 386:


Managing assets inside your .basin

Assets inside .basin's can be managed from the tokenbound.org app by connecting your wallet that the .basin resides in. This functionality will also be available on BASIN's dApp soon.

Connect with and use your .basin

.basin's are essentially smart contract wallets, giving it the ability to do anything a wallet can. That means you can use your .basin to connect to websites and dApps using WalletConnect and perform actions on behalf of your NFT. Please see this how to guide:

Cross-chain functionality across Ethereum

Every .basin's 0x address is the same on all EVM's and will be able to be managed by your main wallet that holds the .basin on Base. Examples:

  • we are working on ENS implementation with each .basin having the same .eth name

  • Our "nature hyperstructure" 1155 collection on Zora is funding .basin's via 0xSplits

  • ensurance on Base

Protocol BASIN's

BASIN's can be managed individually or collectively based on the OwnerOf using a wallet set up of choice i.e. Metamask, Safe, etc. BASIN's that represent "Public Goods" or that are considered "Commons" are "Protocol BASIN's" meaning they stay within the protocol, are never sold or traded, or managed by individual alone, they are managed by the protocol. Individual people, project, and certain property BASINs will oftentimes be outside the protocol but still benefit from protocol rewards.

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