Ecosystem Services Valuation Database (ESVD)

Source: Final report June 2020

The ESVD is a follow-up to the “The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity” (TEEB) database which contained over 1,300 data points from 267 case studies on monetary values of ecosystem services across all biomes.

The Ecosystem Services Valuation Database (ESVD) aims to support informed decision-making in ecosystem management by providing robust, monetized data on the economic benefits and costs of ecosystems and biodiversity. The database currently holds 9,500 value records from more than 1,100 studies, covering various biomes and geographic regions. By presenting these values in monetary terms, the ESVD helps internalize the significance of nature in policy and management decisions.

Ecosystem Services Categories

Provisioning; Regulating; Habitat; Cultural

Ecosystem Services Classified


Climate Regulation

Air Quality Regulation

Moderation of Extreme Events


Medicinal Resources

Genetic Resources

Regulation of Water Flows

Ornamental Resources

Raw Materials

Opportunities For Recreation & Tourism

Spiritual Experience

Maintenance of Soil Fertility

Inspiration For Culture, Art & Design

Maintenance of Species Life Cycles (Nursery)

Aesthetic Information

Existence & Bequest Values

Information For Cognitive Development

Waste Treatment

Erosion Prevention


Biological Control

Maintenance of Genetic Diversity

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