System of Environmental-Economic Accounting - Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EA)

Source: United Nations et al. 2021

The SEEA EA provides a reference list of ecosystem services including 33 main ecosystem services and agreed labels and descriptions. This reference list will support the development of methods, the sharing of knowledge and experience and the comparison of estimates of ecosystem services. The reference list was developed in collaboration with experts who have led the development of a range of ecosystem service classifications and typologies including CICES, NESCS, TEEB and IPBES-NCP.” - UN

The SEEA EA, developed under UN guidance, is a statistical framework that integrates both economic and biophysical data to better assess and value ecosystem services and human impacts on the environment. The framework applies the accounting principles of the 2008 SNA to harmonize environmental and economic data, facilitating more informed decision-making in both domains. It provides a comprehensive view of the relationship between the environment and the economy, complementing the SEEA Central Framework. One of its key features is the accounting structure that includes both stocks and flows, allowing for an integrated, coherent, and consistent set of data. This approach aims for regular and comparable measurements over time.

Ecosystem Services Categories

Provisioning services; Regulating and maintenance services; Cultural services; and Flows related to non-use values.

Ecosystem Services Classified

From SEEA EA Table 6.3: Reference list of selected ecosystem services.

Biomass provisioning services

Genetic Material services

Water supply

Other provisioning services

Global climate regulation services

Rainfall pattern regulation services (at sub-continental scale)

Local (micro and meso) climate regulation services

Air filtration services

Soil quality regulation services

Soil and sediment retention services

Solid waste remediation services

Water purification services (water quality regulation)

Water flow regulation services

Flood control services

Storm mitigation services

Noise attenuation services

Pollination services

Biological control services

Nursery population and habitat maintenance services

Other regulating and maintenance services

Cultural services

Recreation-related services

Visual amenity services

Education, scientific and research services

Spiritual, artistic and symbolic services

Other cultural services

Ecosystem and species appreciation

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