BASIN FLOWS are the interconnectedness of . BASIN's and STREAMS and the flows of value between them. The Protocol facilitates these flows.

We have exciting things in the works using .basin's cross-chain 0x's accounts and our 1155 contracts including but not limited to value streaming, liquid splits, and semi-autonomous agents that rebalance portfolios. However, the BASIN FLOWS below are ready and working now.


A BASIN FLOW is a collection aka bundle of .basin's that is funded as a group. i.e. the 14 BASIN Ecosystems, the 18 Core Benefits of Natural Capital, Climate Resilience, major watersheds, bioregions, at risk species, Industry Risks & Dependencies, etc.

The following tables list the .basin's in each bundle and the chain "receiver" address of the corresponding FLOW.

EVM 0x

The cross-chain EVM 0x of each .basin can be found on OpenSea, Rarible, Splits Protocol, etc.

Receiver Address

The "receiver" address is where tokens are sent to to fund the bundle. This is also referred to as the "Send To" address.

Flow addresses can be found on each Certificate of Ensurance.

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